Collier Values

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What We Believe & Why We Believe It:

Understanding the Foundation behind how ”We Do Real Estate Differently.”

Value #1: Be Unique. Be Authentic. The only way to truly be unique is to be yourself. If we are true to ourselves and consider all of our experiences as gifts to help others, then we develop a sincere and authentic work and lifestyle. We avoid blind replication of others, in order to showcase our greatest strength: authenticity.

Value #2: Serve the Client First. What’s our favorite part of this work? Serving our clients. Absolutely everything we do centers on our clients and their experiences. A home purchase is likely the largest purchase of a person’s life, so our mission is to arm them with all the resources to make the best choices. The client is the coach; the agent is the quarterback.

Value #3: Challenge the Status Quo. Our culture breeds new ideas and challenges the delivery of service that is ordinary and customary. We consistently ask, “How can we do this better?” We believe that if we are willing to take risks and make changes, we are able to best serve our clients and bring value to our industry as a whole.

Value #4: Inclusion. We welcome each others’ differences, backgrounds and experiences as they lead to an array of perspectives and personalities that make us better. In embracing our differences, we give each other and our clients the freedom to be themselves. When we can show up and feel supported in who we are, we are at our best, and thus deliver the best possible service.

Value #5: Transparency. From start to finish, we value honesty. This means no hidden fees and total transparency with each client and each transaction. Our clients are shown respect as we abide by the Golden Rule: We treat our clients the way that we would like to be treated.

Value #6: Practice Positivity. We believe in responses, not reactions. By slowing down and searching for a solution to an issue, we practice positivity even if it means going in a different direction altogether. Positivity means more than always recognizing the bright side of things; it is the discipline and focus that empowers us to continuously search for solutions.

Value #7: Emphasize Support. We are committed to providing a rewarding, well-balanced life for all. We support each of our agents at the level of their choice and do not subscribe to hierarchies or titles. We also passionately support giving back to the community, focusing on the programs and issues our agents and clients care about the most.

Value #8: Practice Empathy. Practice Attention. We value relationships based on trust and understanding. A key aspect in developing meaningful relationships is to practice empathy and attention towards others. To practice empathy is to understand, feel and sense. To practice attention is to be present during conversations, truly listening and inviting them to share their stories.

Value #9: Understand “WHY.” We focus on intention and our desire to create better understanding and processes. By developing and cultivating our knowledge of intention, we are able to best serve our clients. We analyze our motivations and purposes in order to ensure our actions add value to our clients, relationships and the world.

Value #10: Build Lasting Relationships. When we think less about what a person is going to do or give, and more about the individual, it’s a much more fulfilling way to live. We focus on building powerful, lasting, authentic connections regardless of who the person may be or what the person possesses.

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