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We believe in two guiding principles: transparency and client choice. You should know what services you are paying for and have the capability to select those services and the fare accordingly. By providing a transparent and individualized approach, we allow for you to select the services that best fit your property and circumstances instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Below is a menu of what services we have to offer.

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Individualized Transparency

Jesse & Ashley

Jesse and Ashley needed to sell their home only one year after purchasing it due to a job promotion and unforeseen relocation. Because of this, they knew that after paying closing costs, it would be difficult for them to even break even on the sale. They contacted CA to list and sell their house. Collier and Associates provided a Menu of listing items with the associated rates. Jesse and Ashley elected to go with the Standard package (5% commission rate) consisting of a "Coming Soon" campaign, major listing site services (mls, Zillow, etc…), professional still photography, social media account promotion on all platforms, website promotion, and an email campaign reaching over 3,000 real estate and industry professionals in NWA. The Standard listing package was enough to get their house sold in 45 days. Jesse and Ashley were only charged a reduced listing fee of 5%. Their decision was a successful one and even saved them enough money to receive a check at closing to help on the down payment of a new house. 

George & Kathy

George and Kathy wanted to move out of state to be closer to family. They wanted the highest level of services that a firm can provide and needed to be aggressive in their efforts in order to move as quickly as possible. After reviewing the Menu listing services, George and Kathy elected to go with the Premier package (7% Commission rate). Collier and Associates provided a "Coming Soon" campaign, 3D and virtual reality viewing capacities, professional still photography, drone photography, major site listing services (MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, and others), social media account promotion via website, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, an email campaign to over 3000 real estate and industry professionals in NWA, an open house within first 60 days, an ad in NWA Democrat-Gazette Sunday real estate section, a spot on Collier and Associates interoffice monthly tour schedule to promote from within and even a select Direct Mail Campaign. George and Kathy's decision to go with the more aggressive premiere package paid off and they received an offer on their house within the first 30 days for $5,000 off of the list price.